Wellness Program Overview

GIFTED Wellness Packages

GIFTED Wellness has multiple offerings at different price points so you can find a package that best fits your needs and budget.

Whether you are looking to implement a detailed Corporate Wellness program for your employees or just looking to offer a Lunch & Learn session, GIFTED Wellness has a program for you!

Programs can be tailored to your organization with optional add-ons such as (but not limited to) Group Coaching, Employee Appreciation Events, Company Sponsored Team Fitness Events (5ks, Tough Mudders, etc) and Company Wellness Retreats. 

GIFTED Wellness Premier

$ 1000 Per Year, Per Employee
  • Access to GIFTED Coaching App
  • Bi-Weekly Health Newsletter
  • Monthly Lunch & Learns
  • Access to Coach Office Hours
  • Access to 1:1 Coaching Services
  • Quarterly Wellness Challenges
  • Annual On Site Health Fair
Best Value

GIFTED Wellness Lite

$ 500 Per Year, Per Employee
  • Access to GIFTED Coaching App
  • Bi-Weekly Health Newsletter
  • Monthly Lunch & Learns
  • Access to Coach Office Hours
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GIFTED Coaching App


Training Programming for all levels delivered conveniently via our mobile app & online!


Users can track their food intake via the built-in meal tracking feature in our app.

All employees in our programs have access to The GIFTED Coaching App – available on both iOS and Android.  

The app includes training programs for all levels, including 3, 4 and 5 day splits and programs for bodyweight, commercial and home gyms.  Users can also use the built-in meal tracking features to track their caloric and macronutrient intake.

For those receiving 1-on-1 Coaching via the premier package, your customized Training & Nutrition programming is also conveniently delivered via The GIFTED Coaching App.

Bi-Weekly Health Newsletter

Sent to your employees every two weeks, our newsletters include practical fitness tips, simple nutrition advice, real-world stress management strategies and more, hand-crafted by our team for yours. 

It’s a straightforward guide to staying healthy and feeling your best. Let’s prioritize well-being together – because a healthier you is a happier you.

Additionally, we’ll be sharing success stories from within our community, providing relatable inspiration to help your employees set and achieve their wellness goals.

Lunch & Learn Sessions

Monthly Lunch & Learn sessions are included in both our Lite & Premier packages and are a key part of the GIFTED Wellness Program.

Our team has prepared educational sessions based on a variety of topics and you have the ability to have topics tailored specifically for your organization and its employees.  

Potential Lunch & Learn topics include but are not limited to those listed below.

Diabetes Management

Cardiac Health

High Blood Pressure


Healthy Eating Habits

Genetics & Health

Stress Management


And More!

Coach Office Hours

All employees within our programs have access to Coach Office hours where they can book an appointment to speak 1-on-1 with one of our Expert Coaches to discuss their training & nutrition goals and receive advice on how to best reach those goals.

1-on-1 Coaching For Employees

Training Coaching

1-on-1 Training Coaching is the best way to realize employee health & wellness goals with unique plans designed with each employee's personal goals in mind.

Nutrition Guidance

Individualized Nutrition Guidance can come in the form of a detailed meal plan or specific macronutrient goals, ensuring each employee has a plan that fits their lifestyle!

Personalized Programming

Both Training & Nutrition Programming is designed specifically for each employee, ensuring that each person has a plan that helps them best reach their personal goals.

Weekly Check-Ins

Each week coaches check-in with employees to answer questions, make updates to their program and make sure they are on the right track to meet their goals.

Quarterly Wellness Challenges

Increases Employee Engagement

Wellness Challenges are designed to encourage employee engagement in the program through healthy competition.  Challenges can be tailored to your organization or chosen from our extensive database.

Top view hands holding mobile phone in employee self assessment by daily health check

Positive Impact on Employee Health

Wellness Challenges are shown to improve overall health metrics when implemented, including reduced body mass index, decreased cholesterol levels, and increased energy level

Chatting talking remote video call male nutritionist African man online fitness trainer in kitchen

Annual On-Site Health Fairs

At our On-Site Annual Health Fairs, employees have the chance to work with our Expert Health Advocates for tailored advice and a roadmap to a healthier lifestyle

This includes individual body composition and biomarker analysis, educational workshops & seminars covering wellness topics, nutrition tips, stress management and more, as well as Q&A sessions for specific health concerns.

As a bonus, enjoy exclusive giveaways and surprises, rewarding your team’s commitment to health and wellness!

Body Composition Assessment
Much More!

Custom Tailored Plans

Our team can work with your organization to design a custom plan to best fit your needs with optional add-ons such as (but not limited to) Group CoachingEmployee Appreciation EventsCompany Sponsored Team Fitness Events (5ks, Tough Mudders, etc) and Company Wellness Retreats.