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Our programs help employees adopt healthy behaviors, reduce health risks and chronic diseases, and improve mental health. They also benefit employers by saving on healthcare costs, increasing productivity, boosting morale, and enhancing loyalty. 

GIFTED Wellness

Program At-A-Glance

Health Newsletter

Our Bi-Weekly Newsletters include fitness tips, nutrition advice, stress management strategies and more!

Wellness Challenges

Designed to encourage employee engagement in the program through healthy competition

Lunch & Learns

Educational sessions based on a variety of topics, with the ability to have topics tailored specifically for your team.

Annual Health Fairs

A “one stop shop” where members receive incentive points, complete part of their annual Health Review & more.​

Coaching Access

Access to either Coaching Office Hours or 1-on-1 Personlized Coaching Services for all enrolled employees.

Industry Leaders


Erik Bustillo

Director of GIFTED Wellness

Ryan Zeisloft

Director of Programming & Head Coach

Jake Rosow

Director of Operations & Administration

Caroline Beebe

Nutrition & Training Specialist