Pigeon River, NC Fall Retreat

pigeon river 1 king suite

King Suite #1

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Trip Details

$ 4,000 / Stay

GIFTED Disconnect: Pigeon River, NC

Disconnect From The Day-To-Day And Join Us For An Unforgettable Experience!

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pigeon river front

The Property

This New Luxury Riverfront Compound is unlike any other location in North Carolina, where stunning mountains and gorgeous rivers intersect.

This extraordinary private compound is located just 25 miles west of Asheville and is surrounded by some of the country’s most phenomenal tourist destinations. 

The property also includes beautiful vistas, tennis courts, hot tubs, picturesque river views, gazebos with mountain lookouts, a 3-story treehouse, miles of hiking trails and riverfront to explore, fishing opportunities and so much more!

An All-Inclusive Adventure

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Suites Available

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On-Site Staff

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Free Wifi

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Meals Included


When you arrive on the property, you will move in to one of two exquisite cabins on the property – the Pigeon River Manor and Falcon’s Crest.

Each cabin has its own unique charm and you can choose the specific room you would like to stay in based on your unique needs.  Rooms with private bathrooms and sofa beds are available.

Both cabins include fully equipped kitchens with high-end appliances, luxurious beds and linens, contemporary bathrooms, air conditioning and heating throughout, rustic indoor fireplaces plus outdoor fire pits and grills, fire pits, game rooms and you might even find a hidden speakeasy!


Read below to view our scheduled activities for the trip.  You are welcome to attend as many of the scheduled events as you would like!

property views 12

Thursday |

September 12, 2024

property views 5

Friday |

September 13, 2024

whitewater rafting

Saturday |

September 14, 2024

property views 8

Sunday |

September 15, 2024

Available Rooms

pigeon river 1 king suite


/ Stay

Pigeon River Manor 1: King Suite
falcon crest 1 king suite


/ Stay

Falcon's Crest 1: King Suite
pigeon river 2 king bed


/ Stay

Pigeon River Manor 2: King Bed
pigeon river 3 king bed


/ Stay

Pigeon River Manor 3: King Bed
pigeon river 4 king bed


/ Stay

Pigeon River Manor 4: King Bed
pigeon river 5 king bed


/ Stay

Pigeon River Manor 5: King Bed
falcon crest 2 queen room


/ Stay

Falcon's Crest 2: Queen Bed